Eileen's Creations

Eileen Murray - Artist


Edited Beach Shoes 2013-4-16-18
The 3 Girls
outdoor vase.jpeg


Bring the joy

of your soul

into the world through art.

I love to create and I have learned to love the process, the journey of creating, like the child does.  Through moving from being end result oriented I have come to see the beauty and richness of discovery.  With this way of relating to art and life as an expression of art I teach people how to open to deeper layers of their creativity. Connecting to the world of the imaginal as the child does, opens infinite possibilities to explore and to celebrate.  As we allow ourselves to open to the unconscious mind, new worlds open to us; hidden treasures of images and ideas await creative expression.  Will you allow this for yourself?

I have found that both beginning and seasoned artists can discover more of their creativity, by opening to their unconscious and allowing for the hidden treasures to meet the canvas.

As a contemporary artist, my pieces are one-of-a-kind, mainly mixed media.


Sumptuous color, beauty, image, texture, and creativity of the inner child inform my art.


I love exploring the world of night dreams, the world of my imagination, allowing what I have learned through courses, to what is surfacing at the edge of my imagination to guide my art pieces.

Often I  create a "dialogue" between the images which present the art and myself.  It takes me into unknown and magical discoveries.

I am always learning and discovering something new.