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 Ever since I was a child I have had a connection with nature and the unseen world. My art has always been influenced in an abstract way by what it is that creates the world of form. I see art everywhere I look - in the beauty of a flower, in the innocence of a child's drawing and the silence of a golden sunset.


I love to teach and share what I have learned through my inner journey through working with dreams, and the unconscious, by tapping into the infinite reservoir that lies within our soul which then converts to color, texture and sometimes images. 


By learning how to  engage through a dialogue with the images, colors, textures and ideas, a bigger picture of your art comes through.

This process is called Active Imagination and you learn how to create a dialogue between you and all aspects of your art. When we hear, "the painting will tell you when it is complete" Active Imagination is the way to expand this understanding.


Everyone has a unique way of creating and when you learn how to engage with the imagery, the color, the sense of what is just below the surface, you enter into a bigger arena with your art, which allows for the greater potential to come forth in new ways.


Being involved in the world of dreams since the 1980's, being in nature while being attentive to what lies just below the surface  creates a rich atmosphere to discover the bigger picture of life.

Artists such as Picasso, Paul Klee and Mark Chagall have also influenced my art.

Creating with mixed media is my main focus. Collage, textiles, acrylic allow for the rich exploration of beauty, color and texture. I also love photography.

My art has sold nationally and internationally.


BA Vermont College Psychology and Art

MA  Lesley College   Psychology and Art